Panasonic’s building automation system, coupled with Locbit’s cloud platform provides a low cost solution which features Panasonic’s reliable wireless DECT technology and easy installation powered by Locbit’s Remote Cloud service focused on:

• Energy Management: save on energy costs and reduce energy waste with smart plugs and on/off switches to turn off devices that are not in use.

• Business Automation: manage, monitor and automate devices to improve performance and lower operational costs.

• Risk Management: Proactive response to potential problems including property damage and water leaks with real-time data and alerts.

Nokia - Open Ecosystem Network

Locbit is part of Open Ecosystem Network, which brings together the most ambitious companies and bright individuals, helps them innovate and grow their businesses bigger, better and faster.

ZTelco - Locbit's Technology First Carrier

In Depth Information Coming for revolutionary type of network to be deployed in San Diego.

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